Founded by two brothers with 34 years of combined product experience at world-class brands.

We pride ourselves on a robust product creation process and a seamless transition between design and engineering.

Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer

Rob leads everything technical at ANAMALY, focusing on advanced engineering analysis, materials, 3D CAD, Finite Ele- ment Analysis (FEA), and design for manufacture. He draws on his extensive experience as a Design Engineer at both Cleveland Golf and Black Diamond Equipment as well as co-founding and selling a product start-up. Rob studied Mechanical Engineering at Boston University and Technische Universität in Dresden, Germany.

Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Ray is the creative force behind ANAMALY, leveraging his unique lateral thinking abilities and artistic talent in the development of original insights and the delivery of unexpected designs. He has created consistently high-caliber products internally at Reebok and PUMA, most recently as a key member of the Innovation & Sustainability Team. Ray studied Fine Arts and Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design and Strate Collège in Paris, France.

We have a history of successful product launches for both large and small clients.
We specialize in connected hardware, athletic innovation, and additive manufacturing, and have worked in most consumer product categories.
We craft at the highest level of execution and detail to create category-defining breakthrough products.
We have been named on 27 unique patents and have received numerous industry awards.
We have been involved in 9 crowdfunding launches - all were successful and 5 were over $200,000.
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