Creative Direction / Design / Ergonomics / Materials / Color / 3D CAD / Mechanical Design / Prototyping / Pre-manufacture

After the resounding success of Soundbrenner's first product, the Pulse, the team wanted to raise the bar from creating the first vibrating digital metronome to the creation of the first fully functional smart watch for musicians.  
Anamaly worked hand in hand with the talented Soundbrenner team to conceptualize the product from the ground up. Countless design sprints and prototype iterations were followed by rigorous testing and manufacturing support.
As Soundbrenner grew the market for music wearables it became clear that more segmentation and price points were necessary. The Core became two products: The Core built in polycarbonate with silicone strap at $199, and the Core Steel made from milled stainless steel with full grain leather strap at $299.
The Kickstarter program for the Core and Core Steel resulted in a campaign that raised over $500,000. With the addition of a pre-order campaign through Indiegogo the total pre-release crowdfunding amount passed $2 million.
A key feature of the Core's design was that the entire unit could be removed from the rig & strap and be attached magnetically to a guitar or bass as a tuner. The unit could not fall off during rigorous movement of the guitar, and could not fall off the wrist in any situation. This provided a new type of engineering challenge.
The solution was a system of magnets: The magnetic charging port on the side of the device also connected the unit to guitars without falling off, and a secondary series of magnets, ramps, and clips allowed the unit to removed with a simple twist and find its way back home as if by magic.
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